Monday, April 28, 2008

today i like....

$32 necklace from luxdeluxe's shop on etsy.
More prettiness available here: luxdeluxe

today i like....

Today I like:
David Hockney

Yves Marie In the Rain, 1973

Friday, April 25, 2008

martin klimas

I promise I will update about Pittsburgh soon (I want to get the pictures off Sean's camera first), but in the meantime, let me gush over Martin Klimas.

The Warhol Museum currently has an exhibit of his photography, which features ceramic figurines smashing open, while remaining intact on top. I cannot express how awesome this show was. I found an interview online with Klimas and was surprised to find out he simply drops the pieces, the crash triggers the lights and in that 5,000th of a second, he snaps. Very powerful work, indeed. You can see more at his website

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

pretty pretty please

And if one of you really loves me, you'll shell out $495 to buy me this working refurbished turquoise Royal typewriter.
Or maybe I'll spend my government rebate on that instead of car repairs or a television.
Ugh, what a stupid thing to covet.

Available at:

What I've been up to...

1) Planning my trip to Fallingwater this weekend with Seanakins. We will have been dating 3 full years, ya'll!! Put your hands together.

2) Watching "Lou Grant" reruns on (which, by the way, is sort of awesome if you have a hankering to watch old TV shows that aren't in syndication anymore). I don't know why ya'll never told me it's the best show. Also, am I crazy, or is Lou Grant (i.e. Ed Asner) kind of hot in a cranky, bald, journalistic way?

3) Reading D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover." It is infamously smutty, but maybe it would've had more effect if I'd read it back in 1926. I think, having grown up watching NYPD Blue, it's hard to shock me at this point. But, I will say, it's a heck of a lot better than Madame Bovary. Bovary sucks because it's lost all relevance and it's supposed to be shocking but doesn't have the smutty part. At least Chatterley has the smutty part.

4) Battling a fierce addiction to Kettle Chips. They are the greatest chips I've ever encountered. They are, simply put, the devil's work.

That's about it. Expect a much more fascinating post when I return from PITTSBURGH, the CAPITAL OF ROMANCE!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tim and Eric Awesome Show - Prank Call

i'm having a very immature day on youtube, bear with me.

Space Potatoes

I'm pretty embarrassed to say I cried watching this because I was laughing so hard. Apparently, there are 12 year old boys, and then there's me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This weekend I went to the wedding of one of Sean's childhood friends, which was lovely, but we also went down Sean's memory lane.

We visited Bishop Ireton and watched 10 whole minutes of a lacrosse game, during which I said that had to be the silliest game I've ever seen. But, it also looks very difficult, so kudos to lacrosse players.

We also went to see Sean's grandparents, who are buried on the grounds of his Catholic grade school. His grandpa William was apparently awesome and liked to quote Shakespeare, which I'm guessing sounded super cool with an Irish accent.

On Sunday we went to the cherry blossom festival (hopefully more pictures to follow), and Sean engaged in awkward man-hugging with his BFF Arthur.

All is right with the world. lol.

On April 17, we're going to Pittsburgh and I couldn't be more pumped. It's kind of an art pilgrimage, to see the Andy Warhol Museum, Fallingwater and the Mattress Factory. I can't wait to take a bajillion pictures on Sean's camera!