Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what's this world coming to?

Today I was going into work (on my day off, natch) and I wanted to fill my iPod up with new music.

In order to do this, I had remove all my podcasts, because my iPod can't hold both my music AND my podcasts at the same time.

And I thought, for a hot minute, "What I really need is another iPod just for traveling that's filled with podcasts."

Think about this for a second; 20 years ago, Walkmans were revolutionary and they involved archaic fast-forwarding and now I'm complaining that I just can't fit enough NPR with my entire discography of music?


In other news, I have accomplished these exciting items on my pathetically grown-up to-do list:
1) Cleaned my house
2) Filed my taxes
3) Signed up for a Gannett discount on my phone bill that will save me 20 % PER BILL!!! Woooooo!

so life is busy, but productive, at least.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So this story is too good to forget to share.

The other day we had horrible wind storms in the Valley that left some people without power and almost left me without underpants.

Sean and I were at the laundromat on Sunday and my load had just finished drying when the power went out. I was literally the only person who was finished, so everybody was giving me dirty looks. I told Sean we better skedaddle right out of there.

As we walk outside with my overflowing laundry basket, the wind picks up and my hair flies into my eyes, rendering me blind. I shake my bangs out of my eyelashes and see, to my horror, the wind has picked up a pair of my undawears! And they're flying, like the plastic bag in American Beauty, across the parking lot, into the next parking lot, rapidly flying toward the Long John Silvers!

So I shout, "SEAN! GO GET MY UNDAWEARS!" because I'm too busy clutching my laundry basket to my chest. A sweater starts to go, too, so he sticks that in my mouth and sloooooooowly goes after the undawears. It was CHAOS.

Once we were safely in the car, undawears in tow, we laughed and laughed hysterically, but for a moment, it was horrifying.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i want more!

So I received the Urban Outfitters catalog and it reminded me of all the ways my life is currently unlivable because I don't possess the following:

This totally unnecessary headboard (that I don't really need unless it would keep the cold out...):

and I also don't have this unnecessary mug, also from Urban Outfitters, although i share its sentiment: