Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy Fashion

I think the Emmy's were like, epically awful this year and hopefully they'll be hiring me as a producer to clean this thing up.

Also, I think the fashion, as it has become lately, was also really boring. But here are my thoughts anyways.

BEST: Marcia Cross in Elie Saab. I want my wedding dress to look like this, ya'll.
NEXT BEST: Olivia Wilde in Reem Acra (who randomly had a big night; i think at least 3 people wore her dresses).
KUDOS FOR COLOR: Mary-Louise Parker in Roberto Cavalli and lipstick only she could pull off.
PLEASE STOP WEARING DARK COLORS: Tina Fey, who seems to be giving Jennifer Aniston a run for her money in the Boring Dark Dress category, in David Meister.
WORST: It's not even a bad dress, I just can't believe Julia Louis-Dreyfus convinced Narcisco Rodriguez to make something so garish.

p.s. it's Milan fashion week and for everyone who doesn't care, after Paris fashion week I will post my DREAM FANTASY SPRING WARDROBE! Get pumped. There's little else in life to be enthused about lately. lol.

manic monday

So, life update:
I will be resigning my lease for six months, at which point I will move to Hampton Roads no matter what.

I'm going on vacay for all of next week; more than half of that time will be spent in D.C. with Jamie and maybe later, Sean and Ryan.

I had a feverish obsession with drawing and painting until I got sidetracked with job panic, but now I'm going to try to return to the drawing and painting. It was good for me, I think.

I really, really want a bicycle. I really, really like the chill in the air.

Sean went skydiving and lived to tell the tale. I don't really see the appeal in my case, but for him, it was perfect.

I'm currently working six days a week and I got a raise, so hopefully I can save some money in these troubled economic times.