Thursday, July 31, 2008

and you may ask yourself, how do i work this?

Thank you to everyone who voted about my future! It looks like most of you agree that I should go back to some form of school and get some form of graphic design education. I'm pondering this very seriously, but taking in many very difficult variables:
B) Location
C) Potential career track damages (if I get off the train, will it be hard to get back on?)
D) What type of degree to get (associates, masters, certification or — God, I hope not — another B.A. or B.F.A)

I think doing it could really broaden my horizons and make me as versatile as I could hope to be. I would have training in writing, editing, designing, printing processes, typography — pretty much all of my interests. Plus, I'd make a lot more money.

So we'll see. This could be wayyyy off in the distant future or maybe next fall, for all I know. In the meantime, I'm teaching myself at home, doing the chapters in my Photoshop book and teaching myself parts of Illustrator. I'm beginning to understand the printing process a lot better, but much of it is still a mystery to me.

In other news, I'm going to Florida at the end of next week and I haven't flown in two years, so I'm freaking myself out about what to pack, how to avoid provoking the ire of security guards and how to keep my hard-earned $15 and not check my bag. Any advice, oh frequent fliers? I could use it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

you're my only hope

Well, it's been about a week since I posted the poll and only three people have voted. Thank you for your votes, friends, but it's locked in a dead tie between me becoming a teacher, designer or wedding planner (which I wasn't entirely serious about, lol). So, I implore you, scroll down, find the poll and cast a tie-breaking vote! Otherwise my career choices hang in the balance!

In other news, I've been staying up late teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator and I'm starting to feel really fired up and I really, really miss painting, so maybe I'll get my artsy on soon.

Also, that stupid Moonbeam clock hasn't rung once since I've owned it. It lights up, yes, but never, ever rings. Not good.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

new careers all over!

In the spirit of my previous post (which by the way, please vote so that I know what to do. Right now it's 50/50 to become a teacher or wedding planner!), we need to find a new career for Sean.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I totally bought this print from Ashley G. on etsy today. It's the first time I ever paid for original art! That sounds untrue, but it is. It cost 20 whole dollars. lol.
It's like it's me, but in a print.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

When I grow up

I think we all are aware that the journalism industry is struggling. I think it's prudent to come up with some back-up plans, but I'm feeling very torn and divided about what to do with myself and I certainly don't want to waste any time/money/life becoming trained in something I ultimately may not want to do.

SO! Here is my poll, open to the public:

Saturday, July 5, 2008


So, after the millionth morning of waking up and noticing my alarm clock wasn't even set anymore (the little light that shows that the alarm is set literally flickers) I broke down and ordered my dream clock: the Westclox Moonbeam from LL Bean. It lights up before it rings to ease you into waking up.

Of course, after I dropped more than anyone should pay for an alarm clock, I read a person's blog entry who said it was like waking up to an ambulance. Um, awesome? We shall see.

Friday, July 4, 2008

second-floor living without a yard

Happy Fourth of July!
I have to work tonight, so for the first time in maybe ever, I don't think I'll be seeing fireworks tonight.
Most of you know that fireworks are my favoritest thing and the Fourth is my most treasured holiday. But I'll get holiday pay, soooooo I guess it's kinda worth it?

Wherever I live next, I really hope I can get a porch, so I can do this:

That is a homemade trellis made from IKEA shelves found on Ikea hacker I think that's about the coolest thing ever. What a good way to spruce up those lame balconies that apartments have nowadays.