Saturday, January 26, 2008

bon chance

Well, after much thought, I think I will try to make it to the spring, maybe April and then cut my hair.
Maybe it will be long enough to donate it. Doubt it, though.

Sean and I may go on vacay in the spring, which is tres exciting.

Other than that, let's review:
* Heath Ledger: OMG.
* Oscar noms: they'll never win, but Tommy Lee Jones and Marion Cotillard were crazy amazing in "In the Valley of Elah" and "La Vie En Rose," respectively.
* Work: my schedule is transitioning this week, but in February I have weekends off again.
* Home: I have new downstairs neighbors who seem friendly and shoveled snow off the walk, so they're cool in my book.
* Snow: We got five inches last week and there's STILL ice on the ground. Craziness.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

hairsdo advice

Tell it to me straight, ya'll.

That has to be my hair in the spring, am i right? Maybe I'm not, but omigodiwantabob.