Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today I want...

1) Schwinn Pink cruiser from Target

2) Hedgerow pillow sham, $80, Dwell Studio

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was on the Virginia Press Association web site today and thought I'd dig up my award comments before they get lost to the Internets. It's good to hang on to compliments for rainy days, isn't it?

For a business story:
"Lester pulls the readers in with great anecdotal leads and then keeps them with detailed business info. She also is excellent at providing context for her stories -- providing a local example of a national story."

For features portfolio:
"Lester is the kind of writer who makes a newspaper fun to read -- breezy, upbeat, often outright funny but never silly. Her vignettes of the life and times of Harrisonburg read almost like something out of Lake Wobegone."

how nice. stuff like that makes me miss writing. But I will say, I also dug up the comments from our general design make-up award this year and it said, "Good A1s, especially on Dec. 9." TOTALLY one I designed. hehehe.

I needed that after the last few weeks of utter chaos.